ABOUt the Project



Algorithmic Equity is an interactive database that empowers any New Yorker to record, report, and respond to law enforcement behavior.

(think CarFax for the NYPD)

THE mission

  1.  To support community-led accountability and the work of civil rights activists/organizations.

  2. To provide more transparency between the NYPD and the communities they police.

  3. To give the data to the people.



It turns data into communal power in 4 ways:


Visitors are able to see how officers are interacting with a community by viewing​​:

       a. individual officer misconduct complaints

       b. a count of subject injuries in police custody

       c. precinct use of force reports (ie. frequency of firearm, physical force)

       d. complete arrest history of each precinct


Visitors are able to visualize who is being affected by this behavior by filtering and comparing neighborhood demographics like race, household income, U.S. citizenship status, healthcare coverage, and more.


Community members can build a digital infrastructure for police accountability by:

       a.  filing unofficial police reports to record and report their experiences

       b.  requesting information through FOIAs via Algorithmic Equity web



Communities and individuals can view local activist organizations, community initiatives and service that they can organize around, volunteer at, or donate to.

Who is this for?

Individual change-makers who want to organize locally and within their communities

Community residents that want to have their voices heard and build digital infrastructure for police accountability 

Activist and grassroots organizations that want reliable data sources to understand the scope and impact of police interactions

How can you use (this) data to create the world you want to see?