Artists 4 Algorithmic Equity 2021

Submission Guidelines

Deadline for submission: Saturday, February 13th, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST


(Black, Pan-African, Latinx, and Indigenous participants prioritized)


Algorithmic Equity is  looking for volunteers interested in turning  research data on NYPD behavior into art with the intention of deepening the way we look at and interact with data. 


With your help, we can transform two-dimensional data into a visceral and impactful experience while raising money for an underrepresented cause. We’re open to all types of submissions: digital paintings, songs, poetry, speculative fiction, audio/visual clips, photographs, etc.  since we hope to create different access points and entryways to emphasize the impactful nature hidden inside data.


Participants will be given research data to interpret and translate into a medium of their choosing, but it’s important to find a balance between letting the data speak for itself and using the data to present an idea, emotion, or concept. 


We will select 10 submissions to be displayed at an online exhibit from February 28th to March 31st, 2021. On opening day,  selected artists will have the opportunity to present their work at a live online event. All proceeds from the event will be donated towards Black Lives Matter Greater NY (BLMGNY). BLMGNY focuses on:

  • Assisting black families, individuals and community leaders in achieving justice.

  • Building a bridge that helps black communities get what they need from existing institutions.

  • Teaching black communities how to practice empowerment, liberation, and peace to create an uplifting environment for its community members.




Participants can select a maximum of three precincts to focus on out of the following seven precincts:

  1. 24th - the Upper West Side of Manhattan

  2. 44th - the southwest portion of the Bronx

  3. 46th - the central part of the western Bronx

  4. 66th - the Borough Park section of Brooklyn

  5. 75th - the easternmost portion of Brooklyn

  6. 108th - the southwestern portion of Queens

  7. 113th - the southeastern area of Jamaica Queens


Each precinct data file has 13 categories containing information about the NYPD precinct and officers behavior along with the demographics of residents living within the precinct. 


The data includes:

  • Individual officer misconduct complaints

  • A count of subject injuries in police custody

  • Precinct Use of Force reports

  • The precinct’s arrest history

  • Demographic breakdowns of precinct residents


You can find the precinct data files here.




Submission requirements:

  • Submitted work can be any medium, but it must be in a format that can be uploaded digitally and rendered online. 

  • Your digital file must be less than 300MB in size


Submissions must be sent to and must include:

  • Your digital file labeled with the title of your work and your full name (ie. Black and Beyond-Kwami Jones)

  • A short bio (200 word maximum) detailing who you are - anything from your personal narrative, experiences, and past work to what led you to commit yourself to being a part of the Artists 4 Algorithmic Equity initiative.

  • A brief “Creator Statement” (300 word maximum) explaining your submission, which precinct you focused on, how you interpreted the data, and/or your creative process.


Similarly, if you have any questions, please email

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